vrijdag, mei 28, 2010

Life is an extraordinarily vast thing. And when you use the word “life,” it is all the
oceans and the mountains and the trees and all of human aspirations, human miseries,
despairs, struggles, the immensity of it all.
- J. Krishnamurti, Krishnamurti on Education -

The challenge must be to come unstuck, resist habit — the same things over and over …
— to wake up, pay attention, try to face how strange, miraculous and fearful it is, every
life, every day. That hurts too, waking up, finding oneself so small and vulnerable,
knowing nothing. But suffering holds gifts, rich and mysterious gifts concealed in the
dark folds of pain….

- Kathryn Walker, A Stopover in Venice -

Virtual Buddha is here for you -and me-, again...


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