vrijdag, februari 10, 2006


All formations are transient; all formations are subject to suffering; all things are without self.

Therefore, whatever there be - of form, of feeling, perception, mental formations, or consciousness, whether past, present, or future, one’s own or external, gross or subtle, lofty or low, far or near, one should understand according to reality and true wisdom:
‘This does not belong to me; this am I not; this is not my Self’

From the Anguttara Nikaya

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Helen Wang zei


Thanks for the comments on my blog. This is a very beautiful site and I like to photos!

Progressive Traditionalist zei

Helpful to be mindful of this.
It's too easy to get caught up in our concerns and goings-on, self-absorbed, viewing the world from a hardened shell.
And the same is true of others we meet; that it is easy to mistake people for their present list of cares and concerns, or by their doings, never knowing.
I suppose knowledge in the true sense is always a matter of degrees.